Thursday, October 29, 2015

Almost at the finish line, sound and more polish - Progress report #10

We added the sounds to the game and polished some last things in the game.

If you have sound on, you can hear that a pretty important and valuable part of the game has been added. Sound! Our artist and team leader, Mathias recorded sounds with our artist, Watson. The sounds were edited by Mads and implemented in the game by Daniel. Adding the sounds has really improved the feeling of the game, giving all the actions a a much stronger impact. 

The sounds were recorded in a soundproof room with a sound effects recorder. The countdown is voiced, when the seasons change Watson, the announcer, also announces which season it is. When someone wins, it's also announced which season it is. Having sounds takes the game from a work-in-progress to something that feels more complete, something enjoyable.

The map's obstacles are also randomly placed now, giving the map a new feel every time you play the game. This makes it more difficult to master the game as no two maps feel the same. Sometimes all the obstacles are on one side and there is a huge open area, sometimes they are evenly scattered and so on.

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