Wednesday, October 21, 2015

New snowmen, aiming arrow when shooting - Progress report #8

Finally, the snowmen that has been the characters up until now are beginning to be replaced by the actual art. Placeholders out, final art in. An arrow for aiming the shots have also been added to make it clearer where you are shooting.

As requested by some players, an arrow has been added to indicate which direction you are shooting. This is because there are two ways of aiming your bullets in the game. There are still the normal controls where your bullets are aimed in the direction of your movement, but recently there was another control scheme added. If a player chooses to, he can use the other analog stick to aim his shots independently from the movement. However this made it, at times, unclear which direction you were shooting. A arrow was added to make it instantly clear which direction you are shooting.

There is a small amount of debate as to whether or not the arrow is having a positive impact on the players performance. I, myself, really prefer having the arrow there. But some of the other players, including Daniel the programmer is saying that it's making him play worse. A thought among us arose that it's not because the player is performing worse, but because the player is becoming aware of his aim.

These are the new snowmen! Finally, the final art for the snowmen has arrived. The increase in detail and cuteness is high. To the left we see the snowman in small mode, being small and cute. To the right we see the snowman in boss mode, big and scary. Side by side here, they are equal size, but in game the snowmen different sizes, of course. Now the only character that is left is the summer character and it should be coming right along.

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