Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Last environmental art, win condition - Progress report #7

More art for the game as well as a win condition, have been implemented!

To finish off the showcase of the environmental art, here is what the different seasons' floors look like when the seasons change. Mossy stones, snowy stones, leafy(?) stones and just regular stones for summer and no season. This ties into the obstacles that was showcased in the last post. So when the spring obstacles are shown, the mossy floor is also shown. However a decision was made to not include the leafy stones for the fall. It just didn't look right when the leaves were repeated on the entire floor.

A win condition has also been added to the game, finally making it winnable. Before, there was actually no way to win the game, it never ended. Now there is a way to determine who won and who has lost. When a player reaches a set amount of kills, the game ends and the player has won! This makes the game significantly more competitive and exciting, because the game has an end.

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