Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Fixing controls, making more art - Progress report #2

Today was a productive day! Advancing art and fixing a problem that had been bugging us a lot.

Fixing the controller problem

Our problem had been that our controllers simply were not giving a natural input to unity. The analog sticks felt more like four directional D-Pads than actual analog sticks. This means that it was very hard to move beyond the up, down, left and right directions. After fiddling around for a long time, it turns out the problem had to do with our game engine, Unity. By changing some settings, we were able to correct it and give accurate controls.

Game and logo art

The progress on the art of the site! The picture you see to the left is a work in progress logo for the game and our website. The logo represents all four seasons of the year in a wheel. Currently, fall is the only season that is not yet completed.

What you see here is more game art of the snowman for the winter season. Presently, this is only placeholder art for the character. Later we will have different art for the snowman character as well as art for the characters for the other seasons.

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