Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Kickoff - Progress report #1

Today is technically the second day of work and we have made some awesome progress! The first code is already arriving as well as the first concept art for the game.

We pitched our idea for the game in front of our teachers and fellow classmates. We got some great feedback as well as some great ideas on how to further our game mechanics.

Although this might look like a stock photo, this is actually some work-in-progress code from our game. The lines you are looking at takes input from the controllers so you have the ability to actually manipulate the character and other things within the game.

Concept art from our brainstorms and initial development of the game. Drawings and characters representing the four different seasons. Summer, winter, fall and spring. This is our current way of theming and giving visual flavour to our game. As usual with art like this, it's likely that none of this will be used and that everything will change before our game is actually finished.

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