Monday, October 26, 2015

Art and polishing - Progress report #9

The game is nearing the finish line. The last art and more is implemented in the game.

As you can see, the game looks a lot more complete now that things like the particle effects and the last placeholder art has been replaced by the final art. In this version of the game, the boss' projectiles are a lot faster than usual, but this is not final. The final speed of the projectiles have yet to be decided. You may have noticed that the summer character has it's particles falling off her all the time. This is sand and it is to show that she is flying as opposed to walking or running like the other characters.

The characters are also getting their own seasonalized projectiles. The leaf you see here is the projectile used for the fall character. A pile of leaves firing a leaf as it's shot. The snowman also has it's own projectile which has been used since the first playable state of the game, the ice projectile. Only the summer and the spring character needs their own projectile now.

Today we also got a lot of feedback from a play-test that our teachers did. They came with a lot of valuable input that we will be considering and implementing over the next few days to make sure the game is completely done.

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