Monday, October 12, 2015

Gameplay, attacking and dashing, character artwork - Progress report #4

This Monday we added several new features and got closer to finishing the artwork for the first character!

Today we have a "playable" version of the game. Playable, meaning that there is some sort of game to play. This wont be how the final game will be. Most of the mechanics and features are not in the game yet and the art is placeholder art. As the art for the game progresses, we will be adding four distinct characters, one for each season.

New and vital features for the game has been added, such as dash and attack! As you can see in the video, there is a dash feature, so when pressing the left bumper you leap across the screen. When you attack, you currently have a red marker as
placeholder graphics for showing how far your attack radius is. 

The first art for the characters! Here we see the spring character. This character might remind you of something you have seen before, but that's purely coincidental. It's a little tree character that represents the forest and growth. Each character will have three different pieces of art, front, back and side view. So soon those differently colored snowmen will be replaced with distinct seasonal characters.

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