Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Meet the team

At Seasonal Games we are four members. One team leader and game designer, one programmer, one artist and one game designer and communication manager. The team is diverse and with very different perspectives on life, makes sure that our game is unique and fun to play.

Mathias Birk

Our super serious team leader and game designer. Going by his middle name, Birk is an ambitious and experienced leader within game projects. He has a passion that drives the game design in fun and inventive directions. He has responsibility and calmness to handle any situation that might arise. If there is a problem with the game or within the group, he is the guy to consult.

Daniel S. Å. Hansen

The main programmer and the brains with the numbers and the technical overview. Daniel has a passion for games and has been programming since a very young age. The technical abilities of this member renders him invaluable to the process of creating our game (still not named yet). Master of computers, sorcerer of code, Daniel is without a doubt the best programmer on our school.

Kristina Watson

The art and sense of beauty comes from the hands and abilities from the heart of her. Going by "Watson" for her love of Sherlock Holmes. The way our game will look and the way it will please your eyes is decided and created by Watson. Her inventiveness and creativity will surely create a thing of beauty. Her fascination for cute things with a twist of creepy will influence and create a unique style not found anywhere else.

Daniel Mads

Communications manager and game designer, goes by his middle name, Mads. Mads is responsible of all communications on the blog(s). He creates the videos, takes the pictures, compiles the information and sends it out to the world. Bouncing idea around, giving input and ideas, Mads helps guiding the game in a fun and engaging direction that makes the game the best it can be. He(I) will be writing all the blog posts that you see on this blog!

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