Monday, October 12, 2015

Company logo, blog refinements, overall code structure - Progress report #3

As you can see at the top of our blog now, the company logo is done! As of now, the logo should be right next to our company name. The logo will be used to represent our company, Seasonal Games.

Header for this blog
The wheel to the right of our company name is supposed to show the four seasons of the year. Winter, summer, fall and spring. I'm sure you're able to see the connection between our name and our logo theme. Since last progress report, the logo now also contains the fall season.

Counter below the name and logo of the blog
Below our logo and our name of the company, I added a timer showing when our game should be done. When the timer has run out, hopefully the game will be in a finished state, playable and fun.

Our coder Daniel, has been working from Thursday through the weekend to create an overall code structure for our game. This allows him to add features and integrate new concepts and mechanics into the game in a structured way. It gives an overview and a structured and planned way to code and produce the game technically.

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