Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Reaching playable state and more art - Progress report #5

From the work done yesterday (Monday) and today (Tuesday) our game has reached a more or less playable state! More art has also been done for the characters

From the video above, you can see we have had massive developments since the last video. Now you can shoot instead of having a melee attack. The boss mode is now implemented, giving the game the 3v1 aspect that I described in the game plan post. Charges and a charge bar has also been implemented. The charges is what actually makes the small characters able to grow into their boss mode. The charge bar above each player gives visual feedback as to how many charges the player has collected as well as showing much more they need to collect before reaching boss-mode.

Actual code from the project
As you can see in the video, the small characters has to shoot the boss in order to kill him. The small characters are unable to damage each other. When there is a boss, it's the small characters' job to avoid the large burst of shots from the boss, as well as compete against the other small characters collecting charges. When there is no boss in play, it's only a race to see who can get the required amount of charges fast enough. As you might suspect, this is only work in progress and the damage numbers, spawnrates, health as well as several mechanics are still subject to change. There are still a lot of tweaks to be done in order to insure the game will be the most fun possible.
Spring boss-mode
What you see here is the boss form for the spring character that was posted in the last progress report. It's a lot bigger and a lot stronger than when the character is small. When the spring character has collected enough charges, he turns into this big, dangerous, all-smashing tree monster. It takes many shots from the small players to kill him.

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