Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Current plans for the game

At this point, all I hear you ask is "So what is the game about? Tell us!" So here we go! The game, which does not have a name yet, is a top down versus game with four player multiplayer. In the game, the player is either a small character or the boss. When you play as a small character, the game consists of collecting charges. As a small player, you cannot attack the other small players, but you are able to attack and damage the boss. When the player reaches a point where they have enough charges, they become the boss.

Snowman by Birk
As the boss, your goal is to attack and kill the small characters, keeping them from becoming the boss. When a small player collects enough charges without getting killed, he swaps places with the current boss. When the small players kill the boss by attacking him, there is no boss until another player reaches enough charge. Essentially, the game is a 1v3 scenario where everyone gets a chance to become the one versus the other three.

The game is themed with the four seasons of the year. Summer, winter, spring and fall. Each of the players represent a spirit of the respective seasons. When a player reaches a point with enough charges, the season of the map changes to the season of that player, thus making them stronger and more powerful.


How do you win? 
You win by having the most kills as the boss when the timer is over.

What kind of attacks do you have?
So far, only melee attack for the both the boss and the small players are planned. This may be subject to change.

What happens when you die?
When you spawn, you spawn with a set amount of charges. When you lose all your charges, you die and you wait a set amount of time before you can respawn.

What if I want to play as the same season as my friend?
Unfortunately, only one player can play as each season, so each player has to choose their own season.

At this stage, that is our current plans for the game. It's possible that a lot of this will be changed, tweaked and finely tuned before the game is actually done.

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