Monday, October 19, 2015

New controls and lots of new art - Progress report #6

The game now has more traditional twin-stick controls and a bunch of new art has been made!

A lot of new refinements have been made to the game since last progress report. The core gameplay is the same as last post, like the shooting, the boss mode. However, a lot of graphical improvements have been made. There is now a dynamic environment that changes based on which seasonal character is the boss. When there is no boss, the generic background is used to indicate that there is currently no boss.

These are the new characters for fall. The pile of leaves is the character when it's small and the whirlwind is the fall character in boss mode. When the player controlling the character reaches a point with enough charges, the pile transforms into the whirlwind of leaves. We chose the whirlwind because fall is characteristically windy and feels strong.

Here you see the different seasonal themes of the obstacles. When the summer character becomes the boss, the flowers grow in the box. When it's winter, the pine trees grow, during fall it's the fallen leaves that clutter the box. Finally during spring it's grass and sprouts growing. This adds flavor and gives the game a dynamic feel, making it more exciting and have more impact to be the boss. We want you to feel strong and victorious when you are the boss!

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